Sunday Match Results 2022

Match 7 - Meadow Farm

1st - John Hirst 47lb 09oz

2nd - Jamie Clark 40lb 09oz

3rd - Nick Smith 18lb 06oz

Well done to John on his win this Sunday, beating Jamie into 2nd place with a nice mixed net of carp, tench and silvers.


Match 6 - Reepham
 Long Lake 15/05/2022

1st - Nick Smith 57lb 13oz

2nd - Mike Andrews 52lb 01oz

3rd - Bob Didwell 51lb 04oz

Well done to Nick for his win on a closely fought match, just edging out Mike to stop the Golden Peg going 2 matches in a run.


Match 5 - Melton Ponds 4 

1st - John Dye 33lb 08oz

2nd - Bob Didwell 30lb 12oz

3rd - Paul Hindle 14lb 06oz

Congratulations to John on his win, just edging out Bob, to record the win and take the Golden Peg as well.


Match 4 - Holly Farm 

1st - Paul Hindle 15lb 02oz

2nd - Nick Smith 13lb 07oz

3rd - Dean Jarvis 10lb 04oz

Well done to Paul for his win, a winning catch of silvers when the carp were hard to come by.

Match 3 - Melton Ponds 4 

1st - Bob Cott 13lb 10oz

2nd - Dean Jarvis 10lb 04oz

3rd - Paul Smith 8lb 08oz

A hard days fishing after a hard frost, despite the day turning out nice bites were hard to come by. Well done to Bob for his first win with WDAC.

Match 2 - Topcroft

1st - Jamie Clark 22lb 05oz

2nd - Dean Jarvis 14lb 12oz

3rd - Paul Smith 12lb 14oz

Another win for Jamie after a hard days fishing at Topcroft, catching Carp on the feeder, as did Dean for 2nd whilst Paul caught skimmers on the pole.


Match 1 - Melton Ponds 4 

1st - Jamie Cark 64lb 04oz

2nd - Mark Tibbitts 59lb 04oz

3rd - Bob Didwell 42lb 04oz

Another great result for Jamie on the opening match of the season, not only a win but on the Golden Peg as well.

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