Sunday League Results and match reports for 2021

The final results for the Sunday League for the 2021 season are: 

1st: Jamie Clark 346 Points 

2nd: Dean Jarvis 329 Points 

3rd: Bob Didwell 325 Points 

Congratulations to Jamie and thanks to Bob and Terry for running the matches and to everyone who fished and supported the Clubs match section this year. 

Match 18: Sunday 17th October 2021 - Wicklewood.
1st: Jamie Clark 33lb
2nd: Mike Andrews 22lb 10oz
3rd: Garry Anderson 19lb 14oz

Thirteen anglers fished this match. Winner on the day was Jamie fishing peg 13. Conditions weren't ideal and six anglers weighed in 5lb or less .Last match of the season 31st October down Pond 4.

Match 17: Sunday 3rd October 2021 - Meadow Farm Cottages Canal.
1st: Mark Harmer 63lb 11oz
2nd: Alex Watson 28lb 4oz
3rd: Paul Walker 21lb 8oz

Twelve anglers fished this match. Winner on the day was Mark, who normally just fish our Thursday matches, who steam rollered the opposition.  Fishing the long pole tight to the island on peg 4 done the damage. No doubt the same tactics will be used again on Thursday when we fish Pond 4.

Match 16: Sunday 26th September 2021 - Bungalow Lake Reepham.
1st: Jamie Clark 91lb 14oz
2nd: Paul Smith 88lb 15oz
3rd: Dean Jarvis 88lb 11oz

Fourteen anglers fished this match. A very close finish to this match with Jamie once again coming out on top. Paste was the bait to use.

Match 15: Sunday 19th September 2021 - Pond 4.
1st: Jamie Clark 14lb 06oz
2nd: Bob Didwell 13lb 14oz
3rd: Dean Jarvis 12lb 04oz

Eight anglers fished this match. Once again a hard match with the carp not responding. Jamie got his own back beating Bob by 6oz The carp that were caught were in great condition, fin perfect and fought hard. Hoping to catch a few more fish this Sunday at Bungalow Lake Reepham. 

Match 14: Sunday 12th September 2021 - Topcroft.
1st: Bob Didwell 76lb 08oz
2nd: Jamie Clark 61lb 12oz
3rd: Dean Jarvis 34lb 08oz

Ten anglers fished this match. On a lovely warm sunny day the fishing was a bit slow to start but improved dramatically in the last two hours. Bob the margin bandit capitalised with a good run of large carp from his right hand margin to just pip Jamie on the day.  

Match 13: Sunday 29th August 2021 - Wicklewood.
1st: Mike Andrews 37lb 08oz
2nd: Paul Walker 33lb 08oz
3rd: Paul Smith 32lb 12oz

Eleven anglers fished this match and come the final whistle it was going to be a close call. The top four anglers all weighing in over thirty pounds of fish each. Congratulations to Mike on his win.

Match 12: Sunday 15th August 2021 - Pond 4 .
1st: Jon Fulcher 14lb
2nd: Allan Kennedy 11lb
3rd: Bob Didwell 5lb 12oz 

Seven anglers fished this match and the carp did not want to feed. Only six carp were caught. Congratulations to Jon on his win.

Match 11: Sunday 1st August 2021 - Topcroft .
1st: Jamie Clark 92lb
2nd: Allan Kennedy 90lb
3rd: Garry Anderson 43lb 4oz

Some good weights on the day, can't see many fish in Jamie's net so don't know how he won!

Match 10: Sunday 11th July 2021 - Pond 4, Melton Ponds
1st: Bob Didwell 25lb 8oz
2nd: Jamie Clark 18lbs 2oz
3rd: Paul Adams 10lb 14oz

Sunday's match on 11th July was fished down Pond 4 and attended by nine anglers. A warm day with lots of carp in several shoals just under the surface towards the island but not in feeding mode. Bob Didwell won on the day with 25lb 08oz with three carp caught in the margins.

Match 9: Sunday 4th July 2021 - Holly Farm
1st: Dean Jarvis 19lbs 
2nd: Paul Hindle 18lbs 
3rd: Paul Smith 15lbs 12oz

Sunday 4th July match was  fished at Holly Farm by twelve anglers Everyone caught and was keenly contested with Dean Jarvis taking his first win of the season.

Match 8: Sunday 20th June 2021 - Bungalow Lake Reepham
1st: Jamie Clark 84lbs 07oz 
2nd: Paul Smith 77lbs 05oz 
3rd: Mike Andrews 59lbs 08oz 

Sunday 20th June match was fished down Bungalow Lake Reepham A lot better result with paste being the bait to use.

Our next match is on Sunday 4th July please check with Bob Didwell to confirm start time as it may be changed to 9 until 2

Match 7: Sunday 13th June 2021 - Wicklewood
1st: Paul Smith with 41lb 14oz
2nd: Jamie Clark 39lb 08oz
3rd: Paul Hindle 36lb 02oz

Sunday's match was fished at Wicklewood on a very hot day but we shouldn't complain as everyone caught and got a bit of a suntan ūüėé
The winner on the day was Paul Smith, well done Paul !

Next Sunday's match is at Reepham Bungalow lake draw at 8:00am

Match 6: Sunday 6th June 2021
1st : Garry Anderson 16lb 12oz
2nd: Mark Tibbitts 16lb
3rd: Jamie Clark 15lb 10oz

Sunday 6th June Topcroft  Thirteen fished a very hard match with bites at a premium with nine weights between 1 and 9lbs
1st Gary Anderson 16lbs 12oz
2nd Mark Tibbits 16lbs
3rd Jamie Clark 15lbs 10oz

 Well Done to Gary!

Sunday 13th June's Match will be held at Wicklewood

Match 5: Sunday 23rd May 2021
Meadow Farm Canal
1st : Allan Kennedy 40lb 5oz
2nd: Dean Jarvis 38lb 15oz
3rd: Paul Walker 30lb 11oz

Our match on Sunday 23rd May at Meadow Farm Canal was attended by fifteen anglers.
Winner on the day was Allan Kennedy 40lb 05oz  Peg12
2nd Dean Jarvis 38lb 15oz peg 4
3rd Paul Walker 30lb 11oz peg 8

Sorry No Winning Photo Taken, Well done to Allan for taking the win!

The next match is at Topcroft on 6th June

Match 4: Sunday 16th May 2021
Long Lake - Reepham
1st : Alex Watson / 64lb 6oz
2nd:Mike Andrews / 45lb 15oz
3rd: Jamie Clark / 39lb 14oz

Sunday's match down Long Lake Reepham was attended by twelve anglers
Everyone caught and we managed to miss the rain showers.
Winner on the day was Alex Watson 64lb 06oz (peg 51)
2nd Mike Andrews 45lb 15oz (peg46)
3rd Jamie Clark 39lb 14oz (peg 48)

Match 3: Sunday 2nd May 2021
Melton Ponds - Pond 4
1st : Paul Adams / 14lb 8oz
2nd: John Dye / 10lb 4oz
3rd: Colin Hindle / 8lb 8oz

Sundays match down pond 4 was once again a tough match. Another hard frost the night before pit the fish in do not feed mode.
The bank including the platforms were white when we made the draw
Eleven anglers fished only five carp caught and four anglers blanked
Winner on the day was Paul Adams

Match 2: Sunday 25th April 2021
Holly Farm
1st : John Dye / 14lb 4oz
2nd: Mark Tibbitts / 12lb 15oz
3rd: Bob Didwell / 11lb 8oz

Sunday's 2nd match of the 2021 season was hosted at Holly Farm, 8 Anglers attended the event and ALL caught!

John takes the win with a winning weight of 14lb 4oz. Well done to John!

Chilly winds affected the fishing once again, lets hope warmer weather is on the way soon!

Match 1: Sunday 11th April 2021
Melton Ponds - Pond 4
1st : Jamie Clark / 32lb 9oz
2nd: Dean Jarvis / 8lbs
3rd: Kevin Allen / 2lb 12oz

The first Sunday league match was held on pond 4 at Melton Ponds, 8 Anglers took part, unfortunately it fished hard again and only 5 of the 8 anglers caught. Congratulations to Jamie with a winning weight of 32lb 9oz. Sorry for the Photo Jamie you'll have to blame Bob for that one...

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