Thursday Match Results 2021

All match results for Thursday Matches through the 2021 season

Match 1: Thursday 8th April 2021
Melton Ponds - Pond 4
1st : Mark Harmer / 27lb 8oz 
2nd: Mark Tibbitts / 17lb 4oz 
3rd: Bob Didwell / 6lb

The first Thursday league match was held on pond 4 at Melton Ponds, 14 Anglers took part, unfortunately it fished hard and 10 of the 14 anglers failed to catch. Congratulations to Mark with a winning weight of 27lb and 8oz.

Match 2: Thursday 22nd April 2021
Melton Ponds - Pond 4
1st : Mark Harmer / 30lbs
2nd: Bob Didwell / 23lb 8oz 
3rd: David Beckett / 13lb 4oz

Another tough day of fishing at pond 4 with 8 out of 12 anglers failing to catch. After a hard frost the night before followed by a warm sunny day for the match unfortunately the fish didn't want to know.

Well done to Mark who is shaping up to be a Thursday match specialist.

An honorable mention to Bob Didwell who landed a 15½lb common as just one of his two fish.

Match 3: Thursday 6th May 2021
Melton Ponds - Pond 4
1st : Bob Didwell / 19lbs 4oz
2nd: Mark Harmer / 12lbs 2oz
3rd: Mark Squire / 9lbs 4oz

Match 3 down Melton Pond 4 attended by 14 anglers and Bob Didwell wins to stop Mark Harmer winning a third match on the trot
Another cold day with over three hours of rain hampered the fishing with only eleven carp caught and six anglers blanking.

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