Thank you for your interest in becoming a member (s) of our Angling Club which has been established over
     50 years and organized within the regulations of the Environment Agency. We are also covered with Liability  

     Insurance, Annually elected officers and committee.

     We hope the following information will help you decide if we are the club for you, if you have any questions or

     require any further assistance please contact us, see the contact page for details.

     If you are interested in joining Wroxham Angling Club please go to the contact page and send an email with
     your contact details.

     Club Information: 

     We are a progressive Angling club offering facilities for all types of angler Pleasure, Speciman and Match,

     senior citizens and disabled welcome. 

     We have a large amount of water's to please all anglers and a closed forumfor all members to use.

     The main forum is for members of Wroxham angling club only, please put your membership number when

     you register on the forum. This will help speed up the activation process. There is one part of the forum open

     to the public for asking questions about the club. You will not be able to see members posts unless you are a

     member of the club and register on the forum.

     We have lakes at Rackheath, Great Melton, Melton Ponds, Little Melton and Hempnall. We also have 2 Boats

     at Wroxham, please see the club waters page for more information.

     Match events.

     These are held on our own facilities and local venues, there is a fee levied on all matches and prize cash

     awarded for each match, guests may be permitted subject to available space on non-club waters only. 

     Junior Membership will commence from the age of eight years until there sixteenth birthday, when they will

     be able to transfer to the adult section, on no account will junior members be allowed to hire club boats. No

     Member Supervising a junior under 12 years old is permitted to use more then two rods between them. An

     Adult Member must accompany junior members at all times.

     Membership Cards and Environment Agency Rod Licenses must be produced on request and Car Park permits

     displayed on your vehicle.

     Any member or permit holder leaving any litter, discarding any line, hooks, or causing any damage to

     fish, wildlife or cause any act detrimental to the club or angling in general, will be expelled from the




Revised 2017