Chairman's Annual Statement 2024

The Club has taken the decision to not to hold an AGM this year due to the ongoing Covid situation and availability of a suitable venue.

The Chairman has issued this statement to highlight Club news, issues and details of planned works for Club waters.

Any members with questions or proposals will be able to submit them to the Board via the Email link below.

The Clubs season for 2023/24 has had it's up and downs. We have successfully completed the fence at Great Melton reservoir and upgraded the paths and swims.

Work has also started at the Ponds to increase airflow to the waters thus improving oxygenation and water quality.

The big impact on fishing this year was the exceptionally hot and dry weather we experienced which led to very low water levels on all our lakes and the impact this had on fishing.

Following on from this we are now looking improving water flow and the installation of aeriation systems at certain venues.

Looking forward to the 2024/25 season the Club has decided to hold membership prices at last season's price reflecting the current cost of living struggles many people are having. 

Membership renewal applications will be posted out to members at the start of March. 

The Club will continue to try and improve all our venues, we are currently looking to install a stock pond at Little Melton lake to rear on small fish before stocking into the main lake, we will also be installing some new swims around the lake. 

We will also continue the clearance work at the Ponds, moving on to Ponds 2 & 3, and then improve the swims and look at planting suitable trees / shrubs around the venue to achieve a more natural look.

The Club holds regular work parties on all our lakes to improve the facilities for members and are vital to the continued success of the Club, if you would be interested in helping the Club please contact the Chairman for further details.

If you have any queries on any issues please contact the Chairman on the Email link below.

We hope you have enjoyed your fishing this season and look forward to your continued membership for the new season.


Tight Lines.

P Norton, Club Chairman

If you have a question about the Club or any proposals please you the link below to contact the Chairman.

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