Match Rules

The following rules apply to all anglers fishing Wroxham & District AC matches. All anglers must hold a current EA licence. 

1. Each angler, on drawing their peg number, shall proceed to the corresponding peg on the lake / river, this will
be considered their fishing peg for the match.

2. No competitor may move their peg, or exchange their peg without the Match Secretary’s permission.

3. The boundary of the peg will be halfway between their peg and the pegs on either side and halfway across
the lake where an angler is pegged on the opposite bank. Anglers must restrict their activities strictly to these
boundaries, no bait or tackle shall intrude into their neighbour's swim.

4. Anglers must take every practicable step to keep their fish alive, and after weighing them, must ensure their
careful return to the water. If, for any reason, fish are seen to be in distress, the Match Secretary has the right to
weigh them in immediately and return them to the water during the course of the match.

5. Anglers must use only one rod / pole at any one time, but may have other rods / poles assembled for use
provided they are not baited. On the rod / pole in use, the angler must not have more than one single hook.

6. Anglers can use any bait allowed by the venue with the exception of any type of floating bait.

7. No angler may introduce ground bait or loose, or disturb the water, in any way before the starting whistle,
other than to wet ground bait, clear their peg of weed or obstructions, position their keep-net or to plumb the

8. Feeding using a pole cup or similar, attached to a separate pole or rod whilst continuing to fish is not allowed.

9. Anglers must strike, play and land their own fish, except for an accompanied junior, where help may be give
subject to permission is given beforehand by the Match Secretary.

10. Anglers must cease fishing at the final whistle. Should they still be playing a fish hooked before then, they
will be permitted no more than 10 minutes after the whistle to land the fish.

11. All fish caught are eligible for weighing in with the exception of pike.

12. All fish must be weighed at the competitor's peg. Unless the bankside terrain renders it impossible, no catch
shall be carried more than 10 yards to the scales.

13. Anglers are responsible for ensuring that their pegs are cleared of litter, and no angler may have their catch
weighed in if there is litter in their peg.

14. Any angler proved to have been in contravention of these rules will be disqualified.

15. Any objection to an angler's conduct, for whatever reason, must be made to the Match Secretary before the
weigh in is finished. In all cases, the Match Secretary will listen to all parties and make a decision. The Match
Secretary’s decision will be final on the day, subject to appeal to the Club’s Committee, to be heard at a later

16. The Match Secretary’s decision on any matter not provided for in these Rules will be final on the day, subject
to appeal to the Club’s Committee, to be heard at a later date.

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